Stormy Waves

We initially came here to take some sunset shots of the lighthouse at Godrevy beach, however the weather was pretty bad and the sky was cloudy so there was no chance of catching a sunset 🙁 but we managed to take some good pictures of the waves here. The stormy weather created a darker mood for my pictures, a very different vibe from what I originally wanted, but different doesn’t mean bad. I love how the slated rocks on the beach make the pictures look more edgy.

 There was a massive crack between the rocks, and when the water entered the tunnel, it made a really loud noise that sounded like thunder. There was a man in the distance who was standing right up close to the sea with his photography equipment trying to take close up shots of the waves! Luckily he didn’t get swept away haha
This place brought out the little dare-devil in me~ I wanted to stand right up close to the waves and feel the wind on my face, small splashes of salty water on my legs, take a deep breath and stretch out my arms and feel free from the things that tie you down in life.