Up at the O2

 I never knew that there was an activity where you can climb the O2 in London :O I only ever went to the O2 for a concert, who’d have thought we’d actually climb it! My boyfriend had heard of it and he wanted to go with me, so we booked it online the night before. We decided to go on the day he finished his exam. When we arrived at our booked time slot, they scanned our tickets and we were led to a room where we were shown a video about the climb and what we’d be doing. We filled out a health and safety form, then put our belongings away. We had to wear a harness, as well as a jacket with pockets where we could hold our phone or camera. We were also given shoes to wear. We were in a group of about 8-10 people.
The walk up the O2 was not very hard, we had to hook our harness on to a central metal bar that ran all the way to the top of the O2 for our safety. We walked on what seemed like a trampoline, but we weren’t allowed to bounce on it 😛 They helped us to take pictures before we walked up the O2.
 When we reached the top of the O2, we were allowed about 15 minutes to look around and take pictures. We could see the whole view of London.
Overall it was a good experience, and although it was quite pricey, we did enjoy ourselves and took lots of pictures at the top. Being at the O2 in Greenwich is a significant place for us as it is where we first met, and now a few years later, we’re back here together but at the top of the O2 xD