Naked Palette Review

My sister bought me the Naked eye shadow palette from Urban Decay, and I absolutely love it 😀 the colour combination gives a warm, brown tone, which is ideal for subtle yet elegant make-up, or can be worn everyday for a simple, natural look.
There’s also some darker shades which are good for creating more emphasis, like for the smoky-eye make-up style. All the pigments in the palette stick very well to my skin, so it is quite long-lasting. I personally like ‘Darkhorse’ the best as it can be used to give more definition to the eyes and it is quite flexible to suit any style really.
The only thing I can fault with this palette is that I wish it had a white eye shadow, which would come in very handy. The lightest shade they have is ‘Virgin’, which is more of a cream colour. It has a good mix of matte and shimmery eye shadows though.

The brush is also very good~ the pigment sticks very well to it, so it is easy to apply and is very smooth on the eye. The casing has a velvet feel to it, which is nice, whereas the other palettes (Naked 2 and 3) have a tin casing.
The eye shadow palette came with tester primers for their eye shadow primer potion:

Inside, there are 4 different primers to try~ Original (Nude), Eden (Nude matte), Sin (Champagne shimmer) and Anti-Aging (Nude). There’s a little description about each primer.

On the back of the descriptions contains the primers.

I think this is a nice little freebie to come with the eyeshadow palette, as it can be used to make the eye shadow last longer on your eyes when you apply it before you put on the eye shadow. The Anti-Aging primer is also a nude colour (same as the Original primer), but it helps to colour-correct the skin and blur out any flaws and fine lines.
Overall, I am very happy with this eye shadow palette, it is definitely my favourite so far, so I would recommend it to anyone! Compared to the Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes, this one is good if you want to create warmer, natural tones to the skin. I think Naked 2 can create more of a cooler, darker look, but it also has many of the same colours as the Naked palette, so it can also create a similar effect. The Naked 3 palette has a rose-gold feel to it, which can give a more girly and cute look. So each palette is quite unique in its own way.
I hope you enjoyed reading my review, and thank you for visiting my blog!
Naked Palette: Urban Decay