Sushi Mania and Baskin Robbins, London

On Saturday my boyfriend and I headed down to Edgeware, London to have a catch up with some friends over sushi – and what better place to have it than at Sushi Mania 😀 This is a sushi buffet restaurant, and the food here is so good! We ordered a lot of sushi, salmon sashimi, prawn tempura, fried tofu, dumplings, chicken and beef skewers, and seaweed salad. They also serve hot food like ramen. I’ve been to Sushi Mania before in Brighton and in Reading, which were also very good.
After we’d stuffed ourselves with sushi, we decided to go to Baskin Robbins for ice cream~ yes, there’s always room for dessert! haha it was right opposite Sushi Mania, so that was convenient xD
 My boyfriend treated me to pistachio ice cream and rainbow ice cream (which had different fruit flavours, including mango and raspberry).

Going all the way out to Edgeware is not a common thing for us, so we went all out today!
Thank you for reading my blog, I shall be posting more foodie and lifestyle posts soon!