Burger and Lobster, London

Burger and Lobster, London

Last Updated on January 7, 2018 by Carissa

The famous Burger and Lobster in London – whether you are a tourist or a Londoner, this place is a must-try! Famous for… well, their burgers and lobsters of course! There used to be only one Burger and Lobster situated in Canary Wharf, but now there are many located in London. The one we went to was in Leicester Square near Chinatown.


We ordered some cocktails to start with, which looked very tropical!



Then our mains – we both ordered the original lobster (700g) with chips and salad, which cost £26 each. We decided to go for lobster only, but there is an option for getting both lobster and burger on your plate, which is good for people who can’t decide or want to try both!



I thought this restaurant was very good and we’d definitely come back again – It’s a great restaurant for special occasions or even just a day out to treat yourself haha!
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