4 Days in Prague – Valentine’s Getaway

4 Days in Prague – Valentine’s Getaway

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 Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! This year, my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate this special occasion in the lovely Prague <3 We set off on the actual day and stayed there for 4 days, 3 nights. Prague is a place that I’ve wanted to visit for ages, and we finally managed to book it as our first holiday of the year 😀
We visited many iconic places such as the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock Tower, Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral, Mala Strana, Petrin Hill and the Petrin Tower. We were very lucky that the weather was sunny and not too cold for the whole duration. The Hotel we stayed in, called ‘Grandior Hotel’ was not too far from the old town square (main tourist site) – about 10-15 mins walk.

Grandior Hotel, Prague


Old Town Square

It looked so authentic and historic!

Own Town Square at night – also a beautiful sight. That castle in the back looked like something out of Harry Potter! 😛
Our dinner on the first night:

Food and Dessert

This dessert called ‘Trdelník’ is really popular in Prague, it’s everywhere you go! It’s like a rolled pastry with a churros-like texture and you can have it with fruit and ice cream, and other flavours like chocolate or pistachio.  This one we bought had strawberries and chocolate inside topped with ice cream – it was sooo good!
Pistachio Trdelník
Our breakfast in the morning:
We climbed all the way to the top of Prague to Mala Strana. We could see all the red roofs of the buildings below, it was beautiful.

Rooftop views at Mala Strana

Prague Castle

We kept walking up and accidently bumped into Prague Castle 😛 St Vitus Cathedral was also next to Prague Castle.

Charles Bridge

On another day, we visited Charles Bridge. The view was really amazing! There were quite a few bridges, and it took us a while to figure out which one was Charles Bridge haha! But once we walked up to it, it was so obvious as this bridge was just so much more beautiful than the others!

Petrin Tower

On the last day, we decided to visit the Petrin Tower – this was a climb up a steep hill (which was still icy from the snow), so it was pretty tough, but we made it in the end!
The view of Prague from the top:
Luckily there were cable cars that could take us back down, so we didn’t have to trek down the hill! XD

Sushi Maru

We felt like having Japanese one day~ we went to ‘Sushi Maru’ restaurant and at first the inside looked really classy, but the prices were not expensive at all, so we decided to go for it!
Sashimi Salad – this was really good, and there was surprisingly a lot of sashimi!
Sushi – Aloha roll and mango roll 😛 It was so filling! We also had katsu curry after this but we shared it because we were just too full XD We underestimated how full we’d be after the sushi lol!
Our dessert – Matcha Crème Brule – this was really nice, and it was on the house! 😀 the staff were sorry that they’d made us wait for our mains as they’d got the order wrong the first time, so they let us have this for free, which was really nice of them! We didn’t expect that at all. We’d definitely recommend this restaurant as the food was really good and the staff are super friendly!

Czech Cuisine

Next we decided to try some Czech cuisine – we went to a Czech restaurant to see what they had to offer:
My boyfriend ordered the pork knuckle, which is a Czech speciality. It was huge, the skin was crispy and the meat had a really strong flavour! We’d recommend this dish to try if you ever visit Prague.
I had a medium-rare steak with new potatoes and radishes, which isn’t Czech food but I didn’t fancy anything else on the menu (‘Goulash’ is never happening again hahaha! ><). This dish was also really tasty, and the steak tasted so good with mustard and horse radish! I am now obsessed with this combination, I need to have it with my steak from now on! :O
Another day, another Japanese XD
Caesar salad – was amazing. We haven’t had a good Caesar salad in ages!
Crispy duck with lentils

Overall Thoughts

And that was the end of our Prague trip! It was a really nice break, but flew by so quickly! Prague is a great place to visit during the cold winter months, and a romantic city to visit during Valentine’s Day! Back to reality now, but we’ll be planning our next trip 😀 Hope you enjoyed this post. For more travel posts, click here!
Carissa xxx

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