How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Last Updated on January 17, 2018 by Carissa

 There are many good apps out there that allow you to edit your pictures to make them look Instagram-worthy, but for me, I try to make my pictures look more clean and natural without looking over-edited, but still be able to stand out. If you’re curious to know how I edit my Instagram pictures, read on to find out:
The app I primarily use (and can’t live without) is Vsco.
I use this editing app for every picture of mine – the filters make it look so much more clean and professional, and the editing tools, like adjusting the brightness and contrast, are very easy to use, even for beginners.


Filters are at the bottom – you can download a range of filters from their library. My favourite filter has to be HB1. Using the same filter consistently in all your photos will make your Instagram page look much neater and more pleasing to the eye, so I try to use the same filter all the time, but it depends on the photo and colours present; some filters are better suited for other types of photos, so just play around with the filters and experiment!

Lighting & Colour:

I always have to adjust the brightness/exposure, as a lot of the time the picture is darker than I’d like it to be. Other tools I fiddle with are sharpness, temperature, shadow and tint – these are really useful tools that can make a huge difference to your picture.


The crop tool always comes in handy, as I prefer my pictures to be in the square form (1:1) to fit the Instagram page, but sometimes I use 4:5. I also use the grid to align my photo in the way that looks most aesthetically pleasing – in this photo, I have aligned it in the middle, but for some photos such as selfies, I try to align the eyes somewhere along the second line of the grid on the points where the two lines intersect, as this is where most people will be drawn to, so it makes sense to put the eyes/face there, and not right in the middle of the grid.


So that’s how I edit my Instagram pictures in a nutshell! Sometimes I use the Instagram editing tools on top of using Vsco if the picture needs some last minute tweaks 🙂 I hope you found this useful, please leave a comment below if you liked this post or feel free to ask me any questions to do with editing!


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