Happy Anniversary – Bannatyne Spa

Happy Anniversary – Bannatyne Spa

Last Updated on January 7, 2018 by Carissa

Image Source: Dublin City


Been so busy these past few weeks with work and business trips, I haven’t had time to blog! It was our 2 year anniversary a few weeks ago, and we wanted to do something special to celebrate it. Originally, we had planned to go down to London and have a nice meal but with the attacks that happened in London, we decided to it was not a good idea (prayer and thoughts go out to all those who were affected).

So instead, we decided to do something more locally – my boyfriend had booked us into a Spa session at Bannatyne Spa in Hitchin! We set off in the afternoon and it was only a 40 minute drive.

Once we checked in, they gave both of us our towels and locker keys and we had a good old swim in the pool, which looked a bit like a cave! There was a nice Jacuzzi too. Then we cleansed our bodies in the steam room – I’ve only ever been in a sauna once, but a steam room is quite similar and I soon got used to the heat. Apparently being in a steam room is healthier than being in a sauna as the heat is from the steam so the air is moist, preventing your skin from drying up. Whereas in a sauna, it is using dry heat which would make your skin really dry, bit like being in an oven!



After that, we headed off to another room for our spa session. We had to arrive 10 minutes before our allocated time, and then we were lead to our spa room and had a full body massage. It was a really good pampering session, although the massage was quite ticklish, I was trying so hard not to laugh! The massage really helped relax my achy muscles though, and the hour went by so quickly.


I was really pleased with the room we had – it had a very calming atmosphere.

We then drove to Luton to have dinner – we went to Kazoku, a Japanese restaurant, and ordered sushi, seaweed salad, Japanese tofu, crispy squid and a bento box each. The food was amazing, and we were so stuffed! I definitely recommend this restaurant, although it would be better to book a table before you arrive as it gets full quickly (the restaurant is quite small).


Overall, it was a really great way to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, and we had both been wanting to try a spa session for a while! If you are looking for a good spa, we’d definitely recommend Bannatyne Spa! As well as their back massages or full body massages, they also offer a lot of other services such as facials, lashes enhance treatment, gym, fitness classes and they have a lot of special offers available!


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂

Carissa xxx