Top 10 Places I Want to Visit

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit

Last Updated on July 20, 2023 by Carissa

There are just so many places that I want to visit! I think travelling really opens our minds to other cultures and lifestyles that are so different to how we live our lives, and allows us to feel a sense of adventure! In no particular order (except for the first one) Here are my top places to visit on my bucket list:

1. South Korea

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - south korea
Image Source: The Real Travelers
South Korea is on the top of my list of places I want to visit, for many reasons! Firstly, I love kpop and the Korean culture, which I think is reason enough to want to visit! I’ve been a fan of kpop for about 9 years now, which is a very long time! It would be amazing to learn more about their culture. Secondly, I love the Korean language; I have self-taught myself Korean and also attended classes at uni, so I would love to be able to test out my Korean language skills 😛

2. Japan

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - Japan
Source: Daily Mail
Japan has always interested me, and I particularly want to visit Tokyo! I also want to see the cherry blossoms in bloom, it looks so beautiful in pictures! I can also imagine the food there would be so good – I absolutely love Japanese food, it’s like my favourite! (you can never have enough sushi).

3. Maldives

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - Maldives
Image Source: Lux Resort

This island has become a popular holiday destination this year, and I can see why! It looks so serene being surrounded by the sea, and I can just imagine myself chilling on the beach or sitting outside my hotel window taking in the sea breeze. It would be an amazing place to go for a relaxing holiday, and would make a great honeymoon destination too!

4. Portugal

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - Portugal
Image Source: Urban Adventures

What attracts me to Portugal are the beautiful buildings and rustic architecture, the medieval villages, picturesque and vintagey towns and the beautiful beaches. Some places in Portugal that I want to visit include Algarve, Lisbon, Porto and Madeira.

5. Caribbean

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - caribbean
Image Source: Funjet
The Caribbean is another place that I’d go for a beach holiday! I’ve heard that there’s not much to do there but sunbathe, which is perfect for chilling. I would only stay there for a couple of days if there were not much to do as I would probably get a bit bored, but the scenery would be worth it.

6. America

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - america
 Image Source: Pinterest

I’ve heard so much about America, that the vibe there is just amazing and there’s plenty of things to do. Places in America that I’d want to visit include LA, Florida, California and New York. I also really want to visit the Grand Canyon, Disneyland in Florida and the Harry Potter theme park!

7. Paris, France

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - paris, franceImage Source: WeHeartIt

Although it’s hard to believe I’ve never visited Paris even though I live in the UK which is right next door, I’ve been saving this place to go with someone special because Paris is known to be a really romantic place. So I want to be able to experience that romantic feeling the first time I go there (as cheesy as that sounds). I’d love to see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Muséedu Louvre, visit Disneyland Paris, Notre-Dame de Paris and Versailles.

8. Bora Bora

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - bora bora
Image Source: Benbie
Bora Bora is a small South Pacific island located in the northwest of Tahiti and is known for its scuba diving. It is also another beautiful island like Maldives, and I totally want to stay in one of their floating overwater villas!

9. Malta

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - malta
Image Source: Life in Malta

Malta is known for its historic sites and temples, but it also has its fair share of beautiful beaches and fantastic sea views. That alone makes me want to visit the place!

10. Finland

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit - finland
Image Source: Landlopers
I would love to visit Finland, especially in the Winter months because it is supposed to look stunning when it snows! I really want to visit the Santa Claus Village (Lapland), the Market Square in Helsinki, Ranua Wildlife Park where you can see polar bears and other arctic animals, Levi where you can go Ice Karting, and last but not least, the Northern Lights! It is sure to be like a real winter wonderland.
So those were my Top 10 Places to Visit. If I were to list all the places I want to visit, the list would be never-ending! So I had to stick to 10. As you can see, these countries are all different and special in their own ways, and have so much to offer. I think I’d prefer hot countries to cold, but I would still like to visit cold countries for the experience! Time to plan and organise when I can visit these amazing places… I have already been lucky to visit Italy, Prague and Santorini which I can now tick off my list 😀
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