5 Tips On How To Get Inspired & Motivated

5 Tips On How To Get Inspired & Motivated

Last Updated on January 1, 2019 by Carissa

Sometimes you can feel uninspired and have no motivation (fellow bloggers and youtubers can definitely relate) but this is for anyone in any profession that feel like sometimes they’re sitting around having a mind blank wasting time and feel like their creative flow has just vanished. here are some tips to help inspire yourself and get excited about life again!

1. Connect with your purpose:

Take a sit back and re-establish why you started in the first place, what is your goal, what are the things you want to be doing, the life you want to live, and what you want to achieve and strive towards in the future. There’s always a reason why you want to do something, for example for me as a blogger, I wanted to start a blog to express myself better and to use it as a creative outlet and also inspire and connect with others. Sometimes we feel a lack of motivation because we’ve lost touch with our purpose, and it happens to all of us from time to time. It can help to write it down on paper to remind yourself of your purpose – keep it short and sweet and it can be a good way to feel inspired again.


2. Change your routine and habits:

We may feel like our lives are getting a bit mundane, sitting at the same desk, with the same view, in the same office, with the same coffee, with the same routine… and by the end of the day going to bed feeling stale because it all feels like routine. If we change our routine it can spice up our lives a bit, such as eating something different for breakfast, going for a run in the morning, going to a new restaurant for lunch, reading a new book, meeting up with an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while, creating a new workout routine or signing up to new workout classes – any small changes like that can make you feel motivated again because you’re doing something different and it’s not always the same things again and again. Even if your work life is still the same, there’s so many other ways that you can spend your mornings and evenings that can help shake things up!


3. Change your environment:

A lot of the time our environment can really dictate our energy, for instance if you’re in a messy, dirty bedroom all the time, then this can make you feel super unmotivated and unorganised. If you change your environment such as tidying your room, redecorating, moving the furniture around, getting a new rug or duvet cover, these small changes can make you feel happier about your life, which will lead to you feeling more inspired. A good way of doing this is changing your environment up when the seasons change. You don’t even have to spend money doing this – just moving around your furniture like your desk to another wall can make a difference, as you’ll be sitting at a different angle and it adds a whole new perspective. If you’re a student and you’re always studying in the library, maybe try and sit on a different floor in the library, go with other people, or even get out of the library and study elsewhere! Any change to your daily environment will freshen up your life.

4. Make an inspiration board:

There’s so many ways you can make an inspo board, such as sticking up photos or polaroids on the board/your wall, posters with inspirational quotes, or even if you don’t know what it is that you want, printing out pictures of things that make you happy (such as sunsets, your pet, coffees, your fav cities) and putting them in front of your desk can play off your personality and your vibe, and can make you feel happier and excited about life. You don’t have to do a DIY either, you can set it as your desktop background, or you can even do this online on things like Pinterest or Tumblr, where you can access the images on your phone whenever you’re feeling low to give you a boost of energy and inspiration. Visuals can actually make a huge difference to how we feel!

5. Update your music playlist:

Music really plays on our emotions and thoughts, so updating your playlist with new, fresh songs that give an upbeat, positive vibe can really make you feel happier and give you energy to accomplish your goals. Music can literally change your mood; don’t underestimate the power of music! You could also try listening to other types of music that you don’t normally listen to, which can give you inspiration.
So hopefully these 5 tips will help you feel more inspired and motivated to achieve your goals and for life in general! The only thing that tends to get in our way is ourselves – sometimes when we’re feeling down, we self-sabotage and prevent ourselves from thinking creatively and put ourselves down, thinking that we have to accept life as it is. But the truth is that we have control over our own lives – even if we don’t achieve all the goals we set out to achieve, just trying our best will still give you the most amazing experiences and memories in life!
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any tips on how to get inspired and motivated, please share it in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!
Carissa xxx

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