5 Ways To Organise Your Life

5 Ways To Organise Your Life

Last Updated on January 1, 2019 by Carissa

Since my Instagram has been growing steadily in the past year, I’ve been having more work to do and trying to keep up the momentum, so staying organised and on top of my workload is definitely a priority for me, especially when you’re trying to juggle a full-time job at the same time, it can get a little hectic (24 hours in a day is never enough!) Here’s a little insight into how I organise and structure my workload, and how I stay focused! You can also use these 5 tips to help you organise your life!

1. Use a Planner:

Use a planner to list your goals, kind of like a checklist, and make sure to set an end date to work towards (otherwise it leaves it very open, and you’ll more likely delay it or keep pushing it back). You could make both long-term goals and daily goals. For example, long-term goals could be hitting a certain target over a certain time-frame, or what you want to achieve this year, and daily goals could be things like editing your photos that you took last week or working on a blog post.

Additional things you can do:

Colour code – if it makes it easier for you and you love your colours, colour coding things that need doing urgently or categorising your workload can be a massive help, as well as making your planner look more vibrant!

Sticky notes – You can use sticky notes as tabs at the top of your planner to section it out and make it easier to find what you’re looking for, or they can be used just as little reminders on your page. There are also many notebooks or planners that contain dividers, which are really handy.

2. Use a Calendar:

I like to use a calendar to mark down important things to do, birthdays, events and travels, as it makes it easier to view the bigger picture on a monthly basis. I use the calendar page in my planner to do this, but you can also use a large calendar print-out or a whiteboard and hang it on your wall!

3. Use Excel:

I use an Excel spreadsheet to brainstorm blog post ideas (that may or may not come into fruition), keep track of collaborations I’m working on, and also to keep track of my finances. Sometimes typing it up is much faster than writing it down, and if I’m on my laptop already searching for ideas on the internet, I can just whip up Excel and type in my idea!

4. Set Reminders on my Phone:

I definitely use this to keep track of deadlines I have for collabs, which I sync with my google account so it is all saved in the cloud. Without this I would be lost, and it helps with prioritising your work.

5. Phone Notepad:

A quick place to jot down spontaneous ideas right there and then (my lists are never ending). I have my phone on me more often than I have a notepad and pen, so this is so much easier and convenient for me! Another thing I find useful is to put your apps into folders, which makes your phone look so much tidier and keeps it organised too.

Hopefully these 5 tips will help you to stay organised, or if you can relate to most of these then great, you’re already ahead of the game! I’m definitely not perfect at organising my workload, but this is just what I do personally 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post! To read more posts like this, please click here.


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