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When it comes to clothes, there’s just so much choice. Yet we still find times when we “have nothing to wear” or “there’s nothing in my wardrobe”. What we really mean is that we don’t have those go-to clothes that we can just chuck on and not have to think too long and hard about it, and it will still look effortlessly put together. We’ve probably got so many clothes that we’ve worn time and time again, but nothing new. Well let me tell you that you don’t need to have new clothes all the time; if you have those staple clothes that are timeless and pretty much go with anything, you’ll be sorted for any occasion.

So here are my top 8 wardrobe essentials that are I consider are the basics for my wardrobe. I always go back to these pieces!

  1. Plain white tees/shirts – can be oversized for a casual look
  2. Black trousers/jeans – easy to match with other clothes, casual and comfortable. I’m loving thin-striped trousers at the moment as it adds some pattern to an otherwise plain outfit
  3. Comfy sneakers – everyday shoes that are easy to walk in. Everyone needs a pair of these! I’m loving my white ones from Missguided
  4. Black boots – literally goes with any outfit. There’s something about black boots that just makes you look like you mean business, yet your outfit will look chic and effortlessly put together!
  5. LBD – the “little black dress” for times when you don’t know what to wear, you have a go-to dress that’ll work for any occasion!
  6. Simple watch – I’m not much of an accessories person at all, but it can add some detail to your outfit and bring the whole outfit together seamlessly. I’m definitely trying to make a conscious effort to add more accessories to my outfits!
  7. A long brown coat – Now I love a long brown coat. It’s a simple piece of clothing but it looks so stylish. The brown colour just adds a bit more warmth to your outfit if it’s black & white dominated, and it goes well with most colours – a definite staple in the wardrobe! I like a coat that goes past the knees as it helps to elongate your body too! [The coat I’m wearing was gifted from I Saw It First]
  8. Scarf – I usually choose a scarf that slightly contrasts with my outfit as it adds a pop of colour, dimension and gives a layering effect to my outfit
white shirt
black and white outfit
white shirt outfit
casual outfit

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Find more minimalist pieces on my Pinterest board here.

So those are my wardrobe staples that I pretty much can’t live without. I think these pieces are here to stay and they never get old! I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading! What are you wardrobe essentials?

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Disclaimer: Coat was gifted from I Saw It First, not associated with this post. All opinions are my own.