Aubaine Selfridges: A Wisteria Dream in London

Aubaine Selfridges

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I love flowers, they make me so happy and there’s nothing better than being surrounded by beautiful flowers in a café while you’re having brunch! I came across the wisteria flowers on Instagram and fell in love with how beautiful they looked. So when I found the Aubaine Selfridges restaurant in London with a wisteria-interior, I had to give it a visit. My boyfriend and I decided to go there for brunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it did not disappoint! Read on to find out more about our experience and what the Aubaine Selfridges menu has to offer.

Aubaine Selfridges

Immersed in Wisteria Elegance

Aubaine Selfridges artfully combines modern sophistication with the charm of nature. The elegant interior design, complemented by the wisteria’s dreamy allure, gave a sense of tranquillity. The restaurant offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of London, making it an ideal spot for relaxation, celebrations, or simply treating yourself to something special. The thoughtful attention to detail in the décor and the soft, lavender-hued blossoms set the stage for a truly enchanting dining experience.

Aubaine Selfridges

Aubaine Selfridges Location

It’s hidden away inside the Selfridges department store on Oxford Street on Level 2 in the Shoes department. It was easy to find as there are signs inside the store pointing you in the right direction.

Address: 400 Oxford Street, 2nd Floor, London, W1A 1AB
Nearest tube station: Bond Street

Aubaine Selfridges Menu: A French Brasserie

Aubaine Selfridges’ culinary offerings are just as mesmerizing as its wisteria-covered ambiance. The restaurant boasts a diverse and enticing menu, featuring French-inspired dishes crafted from the finest ingredients. From mouth-watering pastries to delectable brunch delights, every dish is a celebration of culinary excellence.

Check out Aubaine Selfridges Menu here.

Aubaine Selfridges coffee

Our Brunch Experience

Their breakfast menu offers a delightful array of sweet and savoury options to suit every palate. I ordered their signature Eggs Benedict, which was really good apart from the toast was a little hard to bite into. My boyfriend ordered the lobster benedict, which tasted pretty good too and had a hash brown-textured potato on the side. We then ordered a pain au chocolat to share, which was very sweet but tasty! We could not resist a croissant at a French restaurant.

Aubaine Selfridges food

No brunch is complete without a cup of coffee, and Aubaine Selfridges delivers in this department too. Their baristas prepare a range of coffee specialties that complemented the brunch experience perfectly. Whether you prefer a classic cappuccino or a velvety latte, their coffee offerings are sure to please any coffee connoisseur.

The Art of Patisserie

Aubaine Selfridges takes great pride in their patisserie offerings, and rightfully so. The selection of exquisite pastries and desserts is an artful display of culinary craftsmanship.

Aubaine Selfridges
Aubaine Selfridges

Elegant Interior

We were lucky to be sat at the back near the window next to all the wisteria – definitely had the best spot! The natural lighting was great and the mirrors on the walls gave off the illusion that it was much more spacious (because it actually was a small space). We were not the only ones taking advantage of this beautiful place, there were many others trying to get the right photo spot!

Aubaine Selfridges
Aubaine Selfridges
Aubaine Selfridges
Aubaine Selfridges

Beyond its stunning wisteria-adorned ambiance and delectable culinary offerings, Aubaine Selfridges is a haven for artful conversations and memorable gatherings. The restaurant’s chic and sophisticated setting provides the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories with friends and loved ones. Whether it’s a celebratory brunch, a leisurely afternoon tea, or an intimate dinner, Aubaine Selfridges sets the stage for a truly exceptional experience.

With its dedication to combining nature’s beauty with culinary artistry, this hidden gem within Selfridges is a destination worth revisiting time and time again. From sipping coffee amidst wisteria blooms to indulging in a sumptuous meal, Aubaine Selfridges invites you to immerse yourself in a world of wisteria dreams and gastronomic delight.

Aubaine Selfridges

Service and Warmth

The staff at Aubaine Selfridges were really friendly and helpful, making the whole experience so pleasant and welcoming! Their commitment to exceptional service is evident from the moment you step through the door. The staff welcomes guests with warmth and attentiveness, ensuring that every aspect of the dining experience is top-notch. Their passion for providing a memorable visit shines through in every interaction, making you feel like a cherished guest.

Ideal Shopping Location at Selfridges

The strategic location of Aubaine within Selfridges adds to its appeal. After a delightful meal, I took the opportunity to explore the iconic department store. Selfridges offers an unparalleled shopping experience, housing a variety of luxury brands and exciting boutiques. Aubaine’s location makes it a convenient and inviting choice for a well-deserved respite during your shopping adventures.

Overall Thoughts

A visit to Aubaine Selfridges is an enchanting experience, from the beautiful wisteria to the delectable culinary delights. Whether you’re looking for a romantic setting, a place to catch up with friends, or a relaxing brunch spot, Aubaine Selfridges offers the perfect blend of nature’s beauty and culinary artistry.

Overall, it was worth visiting as not only was the place stunning and a perfect place for a romantic brunch, but the food was lovely too! With exceptional service, delectable dishes, and a breath-taking ambiance, I definitely recommend this charming restaurant for anyone seeking a memorable dining experience infused with wisteria’s dreamy allure and the culinary delights of France.

If you’re a lover of wisteria, I’d definitely recommend visiting this restaurant. Also, make sure to book a table to ensure you get a good seat surrounded by the wisteria!

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