Top 12 Instagram Photography Spots in London to Visit

top photogenic places in London

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I often get asked where the best places are to shoot in London, so I thought I’d make a whole blog post on it. London is full of beautiful spots for Instagram and photography, from colourful rows of houses to historical landmarks, cute and quirky cafes at every corner, and many places are free to access! So here are my top 12 Instagrammable photo spots in London so you can scout these places next time you’re down at the Capital! You can thank me later 😀

Notting Hill

Image Source: CN Traveller
Image Source: @whatalexloves

If you love colourful houses and pastel colours, then look no further than Notting Hill! They have lots of beautiful houses there, and there are some white buildings too if you’re looking for a white backdrop. The actual location of Notting Hill is not fancy, but if you look down certain streets you’ll find these gorgeous houses!

South Kensington

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Image Source: All Things Luxurious

If you want to shoot somewhere classy with mostly black and white buildings, then South Kensington is where I’d go. It’s a beautiful area to shoot those outfit pics!

Belgravia, Chelsea

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Image Source: Solo Sophie

Looking for flower displays? Then look no further than Belgravia in Chelsea! Oh, and the famous Peggy Porschen café is also there if you fancy a spot of overpriced tea and cake in a pink setting!

Piccadilly Circus

Image Source: A Lady in London

Okay, this is a tricky one. Piccadilly Circus is SO busy and always packed with people, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to snap a shot with no one in it (see above). The winding streets of Piccadilly does make a great picture for the ‘gram if you get it right! I recommend either going early in the morning/mid-afternoon time as that’s when it’s less busy. Weekends are particularly busy, but it’s not impossible!

Harrods – Knightsbridge

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Day or night, Harrods is a great place to take a photo. It is such a British icon, and a famous place for high-end shopping! I love the lights at night when the building is all lit up! Now all I need is a glamourous dress…

Hidden away at 14 Trevor Square, Knightsbridge is the cutest pink house!

The London Eye

Image Source: The Travelling Mom
Image Source: Lanxn

Please tell me you had this on your bucket list of places to visit in London, because if not, did you even visit London? You can take a shot of the London Eye from a distance or ride on the actual wheel and take a shot from above! The London Eye has a beautiful panoramic view of the city, it’s worth a visit!

Tower Bridge

Image Source: Ladies Mag
Image Source: Franziskanazarenus

You can get some pretty decent shots at the Tower Bridge of London, and it does look magnificent. Just be careful of all the cars!

St Paul’s Cathedral

Image Source: Solo Sophie

Another great place for photoshoots, especially on bright, sunny days. I’ve been here once or twice but still have yet to take some shots outside this grand cathedral! You can even go inside and check out the interior, which is really stunning.

British Museum

Image Source: @aladyinlondon
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For those who have an artistic eye and love of architecture, you should check out the British Museum. It’s very spacious, clean and white, and the ceiling, I mean, just look at it. It’s beautiful. You might even learn a thing or two about the British culture and history too whilst you’re there!

Millennium Bridge

This bridge is at the River Thames and is located near Tate Modern museum and leads to St Paul’s Cathedral. It can be quite difficult to get a good shot though as there are usually many people walking up and down the bridge, and it can be pretty windy up there. But again, that view on the bridge would make a great photo!

Sky Garden

sky garden london

I actually visited the Sky Garden years ago and absolutely loved it! It’s like being in a giant greenhouse, but with a beautiful skyline overlooking London. You can spot the Shard and the Gherkin from here, and there are a few bars and restaurants inside too, so you can easily make a day of it. But make sure you book your time slot, as you can’t enter without booking!

Covent Garden

Good old classic Covent Garden. It’s not only a great place for shopping, but there’s also quite a few photo opportunities here, as they have some beautifully decorated shop fronts and posh-looking white buildings. There’s also a bustling market hall and plenty of restaurants and bars to go to for brunch!

So there you have it, my Top 12 photogenic spots in London! There are many more, but I thought I’d keep it short and sweet at 12. Hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful! You can also read my Top 10 Places to Visit in London and other London-related posts here.

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