Things to do during Lockdown

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Last Updated on June 30, 2021 by Carissa

It’s been just over a month into the COVID-19 lockdown and the situation can still feel a bit surreal for some. It’s actually been much longer for me as I’ve been working from home since end of Feb, so it seems like an eternity for me. It is a really stressful and confusing time for all of us, especially when there is no end date in sight for this lockdown, and we are seemingly just trying to get by and survive each day. Even as an introvert and am comfortable with having alone-time, I also at times struggle with the social distancing and miss going out. But we are all in this together and eventually we will get through this.

So here are 10 things that I’ve been doing during lockdown that you can try at home too if you’re in need of some ideas!

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Watch your favourite films

With this extra time on our hands, we can now watch those films/dramas that you’ve wanted to watch or catch up on! I’ve been watching some Korean dramas (been loving ‘Crash Landing on You’) and been getting into some anime series too 🙂 You can binge on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video too, which have a lot of different things you can watch to pass the time!

Get creative at home

You now have more time to blog, take photos or videos, play around with photography, editing, or even draw and paint if you’re feeling very arty! Some people also like journaling or scrapbooking as a creative outlet.

Check in with friends

Sometimes you just a need a bit of human interaction to feel better! Check in with your friends or face-time them and have a virtual gathering. Even asking someone if they’re doing okay could brighten someone’s day!

Get baking

Why not try out a new recipe or bake a cake? Plus, food always makes us feel better! Since being in social isolation with my family, we’ve been baking new things everyday and it brings a little bit of variety to our days! We’ve baked banana bread, carrot cake, hot cross buns, mango cheesecake, mango mochi and some Asian desserts! You can find so many recipes online these days.

Make Dalgona Coffee

This South Korean coffee has been trending all over social media recently, and I can see why! It’s really easy to make and is so tasty. So if you’re really bored during quarantine, you should give this a try! I will post the recipe for Dalgona Coffee on my blog soon, or you can find it on my Instagram!

Binge on Disney

Honestly, whenever I’m in a low mood, watching Disney movies always lifts my spirits. I don’t know if it’s because it brings me back to my childhood and that carefree and innocent time in life, but it does help to take my mind off things! My favourite Disney films are probably Anastasia and Mulan 😀 I also love watching the live-action remakes of Disney films too.

Play a new game

Now that we have time to kill, why not play a new game? I’ve been playing Animal Crossing on my phone (I don’t have the Switch unfortunately) and have since been addicted. Going fishing, catching new bugs, fetching stuff for cute animals and decorating my campsite has been my new daily routine!

Check out TikTok

Never have I thought that I would jump on the TikTok bandwagon, but quarantine can make you do some strange things! I downloaded the app out of curiosity, and there are some seriously funny and relatable videos on there that will make you cry from laughter! So if you’re in need of a pick-me-up, TikTok is great and you may find yourself scrolling on it for hours! If you’re feeling creative, you can make your own videos for fun or learn a new TikTok dance. As they say, laughter is the best medicine!

Learn a new skill

If you’re feeling productive, you can learn a new skill online such as learning a new language. It’s really up to you, whether you want to improve some current skills or learn something completely new! These days you can learn anything online. I’m thinking of picking up my Korean language skills that I studied at uni, or even learn how to use Photoshop at last!

Read a book

You can tackle that to-be-read list now that you’ve got time, which I have so many books that are waiting to be read and are just collecting dust on my bookshelf!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Also, if you feel like doing nothing at all, that is completely okay too! You don’t have to feel pressured into being productive during this time if you’re not feeling it, as it is quite an unusual and stressful situation that we’re in right now. Take the time to relax and chill out if you need to! Do whatever feels right for you at this current moment in time.

Most importantly, stay safe and healthy everyone! Sending you all my love xx

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