Timberyard Seven Dials

This was another café that I’ve wanted to try for some time~ what really attracted me was the matcha latte, so I HAD to order that when I arrived. The place was crowded with people, mainly students with their laptops and books on the wooden tables and earphones in, sipping their coffees. It didn’t seem like a very large café, until I noticed they had a downstairs too, which was more spacious. The matcha latte was quite bitter, but you could add brown sugar to make it sweeter. The presentation though was really nice! and I love coffee art. I sat near the window overlooking the busy, touristy streets of Covent Garden. It’s a cute little place to relax in and enjoy your coffee; many people seem to come here to chill out on their work breaks or to study. Though it’s quite difficult to find a table to study really as it is very busy, especially on weekends. I would definitely come here again and try something else on their menu! If you have visited this café, please let me know what you thought about it, or if you have any café/restaurant recommendations in and around Covent Garden, please comment below 😀 Thanks for reading my blog!

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