Sushi Heaven

Another place ticked off my list~ if you are a big sushi fan, then you’ll love Sticks’n’Sushi 😛 It is a Japanese restaurant in Covent Garden specialising in sushi. Between the 4 of us, we ordered a large sushi platter to share, which was SO much sushi for us to handle, we almost couldn’t finish it! XD but it was so good.
 We also ordered some other dishes~ below is the soy cured salmon with dill and miso mustard dressing.
Yakitori~ grilled scallop/chicken/beef/pork on skewers 😛
We ordered matcha latte, but it was very diluted so it tasted quite bland :/ So I don’t recommend getting this!
Overall it was a really good place to have sushi and catch up with friends~ we all left with a very full stomach! Afterwards (once we’d digested fully) we went to Amorino for dessert. You can check out my experience of it here.

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