After going to the Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant in Covent Garden, we walked around for a bit, took some sticker photos in Chinatown, walked around in Piccadilly Circus, then we fancied having some dessert~ we went to Amorino to have some edible flowers XD These are rose gelatos; Italian ice cream shaped like roses. We could pick as many different flavours as we liked to go on our ice cream, and they let us taste them first before deciding.
There were so many flavours to choose from. I picked chocolate, strawberry and mango~ it was so yummy! You could really taste the flavours.
They also sell other gelato desserts and sweet desserts like waffles, crepes and macarons. We tried their pistachio macarons~
Next time we’ll have to come back and try their waffles, as they looked delicious too!

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