Green tea love

As green tea lovers, my friends and I went to try out a restaurant that we knew had matcha desserts~ Tombo in South Kensington, London. We ordered green tea latte. Unfortunately they didn’t have a very strong green tea flavour, so that was disappointing.

For dinner, I had chicken katsu curry. It wasn’t anything special though, in-fact we think the meals were like those instant microwavable meals ><
Then we finally reached the dessert menu which we were looking forward to~ we ordered matcha sundae~ the matcha taste was good!
We then had a matcha tart~ this was also really good, the matcha flavour was rich.
We also ordered matcha flavoured macarons~ they were nice, but nothing really that special.
We also tried matcha mochi 😛 these were quite nice too.
I think Tombo is a great place for green tea desserts, especially the matcha sundae and the matcha tart. They did have other flavours other than matcha, but we came here purely to try out their matcha desserts haha but I don’t recommend having dinner here as it wasn’t very good. I’d just come here for the dessert next time XD

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