Cambridge Punting Day

 We went to visit the lovely, historic city of Cambridge today. Although the start of the day was rather cloudy, it soon became a sunny day. Cambridge is just such a beautiful city, and it has its fair share of greenery as well as the busy cobbled streets. It is well known for its prestigious university, the University of Cambridge, which makes it even more special.

 We walked around the city and got a bit peckish, so we bought some ice cream 😛

 We then decided to go punting at the river~ it was a very relaxing ride 🙂

The tour guide gave us a talk about the history of Cambridge and introduced the many buildings to us and what their significance was to Cambridge. It was interesting, but most of the time I was distracted by the stunning architecture of the university colleges and the scenery, which was very picturesque! Punting gives you a good opportunity to take pictures of the iconic buildings and just sit back and enjoy the view.
 We went under The Bridge of Sighs.
After punting, we walked along the bridge above the river and took some more pictures. The view from the bridge is just stunning. There are many other activities to do in Cambridge besides punting, such as walking/bus/bike tours, lots of pubs and restaurants to choose from, museums and galleries to visit, and they sometimes hold festivals such as the Cambridge Rock Festival and the Cambridge Film Festival. If you need a place to stay in Cambridge, you can book a hotel or even stay at Cambridge college accommodation during the student vacations, which would be a unique opportunity to feel like a Cambridge student xD

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