Coffee Culture

 Haven’t done a coffee post in a while~ I love my coffee and really enjoy exploring different coffee shops/cafés here and there. They are a great place to relax and chill out, or to have a catch up with a close friend. Here’s a throwback to one of my favourite cafés in Guildford, called Coffee Culture. It’s an independent shop, and they serve some really delicious coffee, as well as a great choice of cakes, muffins, paninis, waffles, sandwiches, soups, milkshakes and smoothies. My friend and I popped into the café one morning and we ordered waffles with strawberry sauce (and cream), and hazelnut truffle latte, which had such a great taste of hazelnut!
Coffee Culture has even brought out a gluten-free menu, which includes desserts like gluten-free brownies! The interior is nicely decorated with red sofas and chairs, which looks quite vintagey, and there’s an outdoor seating area too. I’ve grabbed myself a loyalty card as I’ll be sure to come back here again!

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