Winter Wonderland 2015

As it’s the Christmas season, one of the must-go-to places is Winter Wonderland 😀 This is in Hyde Park – there are many things to do here, such as visiting the Christmas market stalls, going on rides and rollercoasters and playing games to win toys etc. There is live music and beautiful lights everywhere – It definitely brings Christmas to life!
 We went to the Magical Ice Kingdom, which has lots of sculptures made of ice inside. It was really cold though, about -8°C :O so make sure to wrap up warm if you’re planning on visiting this place! You have to book tickets in advance to enter though.
The ice sculptures looked really pretty!

Then we bought some candy floss to eat – I felt like such a big kid haha
My boyfriend also won me these toys from playing games xD
After Winter Wonderland, we went to have dinner at a Korean restaurant called ‘On The Bab’ in Covent Garden. The food wasn’t too bad, but the bibimbap wasn’t hot like it’s supposed to be :/ but the cinnamon punch and rice punch were nice. I really like the jars too!

Overall it was a great day out 😀 Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas!