Flesh & Buns, London

Flesh & Buns, London

Last Updated on July 20, 2023 by Carissa

So my boyfriend and I decided to try out this restaurant during the Xmas holiday, called ‘Flesh & Buns’ – a Japanese restaurant located in Covent Garden, London that specialises in steamed buns! You can choose what fillings you want in your bun, and there are also other dishes such as sushi, mixed sashimi sets, Korean fried wings and grilled scallops.

Salmon Avocado Roll Sushi

Korean Fried Wings

We didn’t think this dish was that good though, the sauce was a bit funny :/
Then we ordered crispy piglet belly with mustard miso sauce and pickled apple, and crispy duck leg with plum sauce and beetroot pickle for our steamed buns
The fillings were really tasty, especially the crispy piglet belly, and the steamed buns were fluffy and soft!

We ordered from the express menu as it was a much better deal, and we did order a dessert (a matcha sundae) however it was not to our taste as there was hardly any matcha flavour and the strawberry sauce didn’t go very well with it, so I wouldn’t recommend getting this. But overall, the steamed buns and the sushi were really nice!
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