My Birthday 2017 – Duck & Waffle, London

My Birthday 2017 – Duck & Waffle, London

Last Updated on January 7, 2018 by Carissa



I can’t believe how quickly my birthday has come! This year, my boyfriend wanted to give me a surprise – he took me to Duck and Waffle in London Heron Tower, a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for ages!



We had to try their speciality, which is obvious in the name – duck and waffle! This was surprisingly really good; the crispy duck was well cooked and tasty, and it went really well with the waffle when we added the syrup to it. It also came with a sunny-side up egg to top it off 🙂



I also love the look of the plates!


We also ordered a miso rabbit dish to share and two cocktails.



We were lucky to be able to sit in a window seat as we could see the beautiful view of London outside, with the iconic Gherkin building. It was also a very sunny day, which was a change to the usual cold and gloomy weather!



And just when I thought we were finished with our meal, this came along <3



Overall, we had a good dining experience at Duck and Waffle, and it’s definitely worth going there for a special occasion. But the booking must be made in advance (around 3 months earlier) if you want to ensure you get a space.
After that we went to a restaurant called ‘Shack Fuyu’, a Japanese restaurant from the chain ‘Bone Daddies’ in Covent Garden, just to try their dessert – Kinako French toast with soft serve matcha ice cream. The Kinako French toast was really different to what I’d expected; it was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, and it had a unique flavour to it, nothing like the normal French toast! This was definitely a dessert, not savoury at all. The matcha ice cream was also very good. A lot of people come here for their Western-Japanese food, but some people like us actually just come here to try their special French toast!



After that, we made our way to the Apollo Theatre in London Victoria to see the musical ‘Wicked’ – which was another surprise! (I know I’m so spoilt). I haven’t watched many musicals, and the ones I have watched were when I was really young, so I don’t remember them much. There’s been a lot of hype about the musical ‘Wicked’, so we both really wanted to see what all the hype was about 😛 It was a really good show – the story line was easy to follow and the actors did a good job, but above all the singing was amazing! It was definitely worth watching 😀



So, my birthday treat was one to remember! We had a really great time and was knackered by the time we got back home XD I’m so touched with the planning that went into making my birthday a special one 🙂