Santorini Summer Vacay 2017

Santorini Summer Vacay 2017

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After spamming you all with my pictures on Instagram, I have finally found the time to blog! Santorini has been on my bucket list for some time now, and my boyfriend and I finally had a chance to visit this beautiful Greek island. When we arrived at the airport after a 4 hour flight, we took a shuttle bus to our hotel in Perissa beach towards the south east of the island, which took about 30 minutes. After unpacking, the first thing we did was head out to grab some lunch at one of the lovely restaurants nearby. I have to say, Greek food is amazing, especially their Greek salad and grilled octopus! Everywhere we went the food was really good, and they give generous portion sizes.

Right opposite our hotel (Veggera Hotel), we could see the black sand beach aka Perissa beach. Soaking up the warm sun on their sunbeds and sipping on iced coffee was so relaxing. Perissa beach is so calm and peaceful, the perfect location to stay in after a long day out in Fira and Oia, which are busier and more touristy towns.

This ‘chill box’ with ice cream and fruit was just what we needed 😛
Fira at night is so beautiful!

During our one week stay on the island, we managed to visit lots of places, including Perissa beach, Fira, Oia, Kamari beach, Red Sand Beach and Pyrgos, a small little town. Fira is a bustling town with many shops lined up on the hilly streets. The view there is absolutely stunning! We could also see the old volcano in the middle of the sea. Oia is another amazing town, less busy than Fira but also has beautiful views of the sea and the white buildings that line the mountains.

We hired quad bikes on 2 of the days, which was very convenient to get around the island and also a lot of fun! It was very easy to hire, all you need is a driving licence and it is very easy to learn how to drive it. Topping up petrol was simple and not very expensive; 10 euros lasted us a whole day driving all around the island! The quad bikes are actually very fast and can keep up with the cars on the road.

We were very lucky that the weather was on our side – it was so hot and sunny every day! It was a really relaxing one-week holiday, and going in May was a good decision for us as the weather still reached between 23-30 degrees and the island wasn’t too packed with tourists like it would be in June/July. It was a holiday to remember, and I’m really going to miss it! Hopefully we can visit other Greek islands next time such as Mykonos and Crete, and also parts of Greece such as Athens!

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed this post!

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