Rose Latte – AIDA Shoreditch

Rose Latte – AIDA Shoreditch

Last Updated on January 6, 2018 by Carissa

Not gonna lie, we came here just so we could try their rose latte, which by the way, looks so beautiful (I think you’ll agree). The café, called AIDA, is actually a clothes shop but also serves coffee and other beverages. I’ve never been in a half-café-half-shop before so this was pretty cool.
It was about a 20 minute walk from Bethnal Green station to Shoreditch high street, and it wasn’t too hard to spot. The interior looked very cosy and warm surrounded by dark brick walls, large wooden tables and chairs to sip your coffees upon, and at the back was the main shop with clothes and accessories.


We ordered our rose lattes and took our time sipping it as we didn’t want to ruin the pretty coffee art! It was actually really pink and had a strong rosey taste that was really nice and it wasn’t over-powering. The little rose petals on the top just adds the finishing touch (and no it’s not edible, tried and tested by us already XD) There were other coffee on the menu that were really tempting too, such as the matcha latte, sunshine latte (yellow) and fresh chai latte.


After taking a million photos of our coffee, we browsed the shop, which has an upstairs and downstairs. There were some vintage and quirky clothing and accessories, but I didn’t purchase anything as they were too colourful (my wardrobe is predominantly black, white and grey haha).

I definitely recommend giving this place a visit (more so for their coffee) if you’re visiting London, and Shoreditch high street is a great place for shopping and there’s usually market stalls around too if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Carissa xxx

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