Dermalogica ProSkin30 Treatment

Dermalogica ProSkin30 Treatment

I was recently invited by Dermalogica to try out their new ProSkin30 treatment at one of their stores, and at the time my skin was not looking great so I just had to go and try out this treatment!

The Store:

I headed to their newest flagship store in Duke of York, Chelsea. When I arrived, the store looked so modern and immaculate, the staff were so welcoming and friendly and offered me a seat and a glass of water as soon I arrived. The place felt really calming with soft music playing in the background, and the warm lighting in the room made it even more of a relaxing atmosphere.

Their downstairs had another 2 rooms for spa/massage treatment. I wasn’t placed in one of these rooms, but I still had to check it out!

My Treatment:

When it was time for my treatment, one of the staff members asked me to fill out a form about my background (like any medical conditions and skincare regime) and asked me some questions about my skin, what my current skincare routine is like, any skincare concerns and what I’d like my skin to be like.

Then they began with a face mapping skin analysis to determine my skin type and what type of treatment they should use that was suitable for my skin. As my skin is quite oily, non-sensitive and I mainly have breakouts around my forehead and chin, I was given a face cleanse, deep serum treatment, exfoliation and a face mask using results-intensifying technology. It was really relaxing, and I was guided throughout the treatment to know what step they were onto next.


After 30 minutes (which went by so quickly), my skin felt so soft and smooth afterwards, and looked so matte! They recommended me some of their products to use to keep up with the skincare routine at home and maintain my skin health. I was surprised that it lasted several days after the treatment in that perfect condition. Even my boyfriend said my skin felt so smooth and looked so clear!

My Thoughts:

I can definitely recommend this ProSkin30 treatment by Dermalogica for anyone who has had problems with their skin, have acne, or suffer from regular breakouts. Everyone’s skin is different and not all treatments work for everyone, but that is why this treatment is great because it is personalised for the individual. If you are unsure of what skincare products to use that would benefit your skin, then this treatment is for you as they can cleanse your skin properly and recommend the right skincare products for you to use!

It costs only £35 for a 30 minute treatment, but you have to book an appointment as they do get quite busy. They have other treatments too like ProSkin60 (1 hour treatment) or a free face-mapping skincare analysis.

Disclaimer: This treatment was gifted by Dermalogica. This post is not sponsored by Dermalogica, and all opinions are my own.