Lockdown Life: How I’ve Really Been Feeling

quarantine times

Last Updated on June 30, 2021 by Carissa

I’m not really good with words when trying to express myself and really deliberated on whether to publish this post, but I wanted to come on here and give you a little raw update, and share with you how lockdown life has been for me so far.

It’s a strange time for us all at the moment during this COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is self isolating and social distancing, plans have been cancelled and life seems to be on pause. For now, I’ve just been going with the flow and accepting the situation, making the most of the time I’ve got now, whether that’s just having a well-deserved break or doing something productive (if I feel like it). To be honest, with all this extra time at home, I thought I’d be blogging and creating content more often, but infact that’s not the case and my energy levels have been really low lately. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, and sometimes you just have to feel what you need to feel. Taking breaks from social media and the news now and again has also helped, as the constant bombardment of information can be overwhelming.

Although social isolation has given us more time to ourselves, I think we can all agree that it can make us feel lonely at times and crave for some human interaction! I’ve definitely been feeling more nostalgic during this time and it can be quite depressing. But what gets me through it is knowing that this won’t last forever, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Just taking it day by day. I am so grateful that we have the technology in this day and age to keep in contact with friends and family! My boyfriend and I have been self-isolating separately too which has been tough on us, but we look forward to reuniting once this is all over.

Although the lockdown has eased slightly in the UK and we can go out and see other people whilst keeping a 2m distance from each other and wear face masks, there is still a fear for many people to go out and take public transport again.


I think this pandemic just makes us all appreciate what we’ve got and live in the moment. It also makes other things that we used to worry about seem so trivial (ahem brexit) when survival is what matters most right now. Being alive and healthy should not be taken for granted. It is daunting to hear on the news about how so many people are affected by the virus, and I just pray that we eventually find a way to tackle this problem collectively and work together.

There have been many other issues too that have happened during this COVID-19 period that have affected us all, such as the spotlight on systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement, and also the Hong Kong protests, which both situations have really weighed heavy on my heart. I won’t talk about that right now as I think there has been exhaustive information on social media about them (please check the sources though). This year so far has been like a wake up call to address underlying issues, which can be uncomfortable to hear, but it needs to be heard and more importantly, things need to change.

“New Normal”

Once we come out of lockdown, we will likely be entering into a “new normal”. I hope that everyone can be more mindful, caring, environmentally friendly and more appreciative going forward. Maybe this is a much needed and overdue break for the Earth, and an opportunity for us all to re-evaluate our lives and systems, and change it for the better. I am definitely rooting for more WFH days and job flexibility! Oh, and 4-day working weeks please? Or we can save that for another debate.

If you got this far, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope you’re doing well, staying safe and taking care of yourself! How have you been coping during this lockdown period? I’d love to hear from you 🙂 Much love xx